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Born and raised in California, April focuses on how to leverage technology to offer affordable and transcendent experiences. A Chinese-American from a long lineage of educators, she has lived in Asia for over 30 years and travelled to over 60 countries. Comfortable in both Asian and Western environments, she has managed and mentored regional start-up NGOs and established multinationals such as IBM, Honeywell, McKinsey, Zigen Fund, and NextEd.


A thread through her life is innovative education programs. Projects range from developing Asia’s largest distance-learning MBA program, to starting-up a global online alliance of 10 universities, to three decades of involvement in supporting rural education in China impacting 130,000 girls. She is currently involved in sustainable solutions in Southeast Asia and Greater China which include disruptive action projects include hydrogen fuel cells to team leadership development with Virtual Reality (VR).


April is currently based in Singapore and co-founded NINEby9 in 2020 to cascade strategic action for gender parity for sweet-spot working women in Asia.  Women in management is good business and Eastern and Western balance is even better business. April holds a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering from Yale and MBA from Stanford.  She is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese, loves ocean paddling, and has four children.

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