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Grace Kerrison is LinkedIn's Head of Sales Solutions for APAC.  With over 25 years’ experience as marketing and sales executive in the region, she has successfully led turnarounds, pioneered innovative go-to-market strategies for MNCs, and facilitated global scaling for start-ups. 

She is a change agent and advocates that diverse teams are key to organisational success.  Grace prioritises fostering inclusiveness, compassion, and a culture of learning in developing high-performing teams.  Throughout her career, Grace has had the privilege of working with leaders who have mentored and sponsored her own professional aspirations.  This experience has fuelled her personal and professional commitment to championing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).  She serves as an executive sponsor for two LinkedIn ERGs (employee resource group) in APAC – Women@LinkedIn and Wisdom@LinkedIn.

With a longstanding career in the Tech sector, Grace has witnessed firsthand the positive impact of technology on society. She firmly believes that technology is a force for good, capable of accelerating solutions for pressing challenges and promoting equitable economic opportunities.  In 2022, Grace proactively embarked on a journey to deepen her understanding of Sustainability as a business leader. Leveraging LinkedIn’s unique data and insights, and connecting the powerful convergence of sustainability, technology, and DEI in driving the Green Economy, she now actively contributes to this transformative mission.

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