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Shaggy is an experienced product and strategy professional. She is passionate about bridging communities and creating platforms for cross-cultural engagement on a global scale.


At Stewardship Asia Centre, Temasek’s non-profit think tank, Shaggy leads product and digital initiatives to drive thought leadership, ethical business practice and sustainable value creation in Asia and beyond. She works with public and private sector entities to enable policy change and corporate alignment in response to changing consumer values.


At Material+, she created analytic products to demystify data, delivering insights for consumer and tech clients and working cross-functionally as a digital product expert.


At L2 Inc., she led research efforts for several Digital IQ Index reports, benchmarking brands’ digital competencies by industry and defining strategy for clients who sought to improve website, marketing, e-commerce and social media performance.


Shaggy holds a BA in Government from Dartmouth College. She is an avid traveller, reader and film lover.

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